Bloom Yoga welcomes students of all levels of experience and interest. In addition to yoga classes & workshops, the studio offers barre conditioning classes that focus on toning and strength training.

Bloom Yoga believes that wellness should be accessible to all and not limited to a few. The studio has competitively-priced drop-in rates, as well as month-to-month memberships and class packages.

Bloom Yoga is inspired by Thich Nhat Han’s truism that “if you know how to make good use of the mud, you can grow beautiful flowers.” We are focused on providing a welcoming, supportive environment so you can breathe, bloom & grow.

Bloom Yoga is more than just a physical location. It’s a community, a way of being, a forum for sharing ideas, learning & growing. Bloom Yoga is coming into your own as an individual and thriving as part of a broader whole.

About Bloom Yoga in New Milford CT

Bloom Yoga provides quality yoga and barre conditioning classes to students of all levels and abilities. Bloom Yoga’s classes focus on posture, breathing or pranayama, meditation and mindfulness, and seek to connect in-class experiences to students’ everyday lives. Overall, Bloom Yoga seeks to build a community of likeminded people seeking to cultivate the best parts of themselves.

Bloom Yoga’s classes incorporate various yogic traditions and themes. They range from dynamic vinyasa flow to gentle meditative classes to fun outdoors events shared with family and friends. The studio’s barre classes are music-driven and offer an effective way to tone and strengthen the body using the conditioning techniques found in ballet.

Bloom Yoga offers group classes as well as private and semi-private classes.

The studio is located in southern New Milford and is just minutes away from Route 7 and I-84.

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Health Benefits of Yoga

Practicing yoga on a regular basis rejuvenates your health, reduces stress and anxiety, relieves chronic diseases, increases energy and productivity, improves relationships and helps you live with a deep sense of inner peace.

70% Improvement

80% Improvement

87% Improvement

79% Improvement

Full Class Descriptions

We provide Yoga in New Milford CT for all ages and abilities as well as group, semi-private and private classes .

An all-level class incorporating creative sequences with emphasis on alignment and breath.

A gentle class that blends restorative yoga poses, easy flowing sequences, and breath awareness. This class will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and revitalized.

A slower-paced class that serves as the foundation of further practice for both beginner and advanced students seeking to deepen their practice. This class incorporates demonstration and detailed instruction of alignment.


A class that is centered on one continuous stream of movement, where the transitions between postures are emphasized as much as the postures themselves.

A challenging, empowering, and fun class that utilizes your own body weight and precise, small movements to sculpt and tone your body. Exercises are drawn from ballet, Pilates, and yoga. Props such as a ballet barre, free weights & exercise balls are used.

Blends traditional barre’s emphasis on toning and sculpting with the muscle lengthening and flexibility benefits of yoga.

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