Class Descriptions

Bloom Yoga’s classes incorporate various yogic traditions and themes. They range from dynamic vinyasa flow to gentle meditative classes to fun outdoors events shared with family and friends. The studio’s barre classes are music-driven and offer an effective way to tone and strengthen the body using the conditioning techniques found in ballet.

Classes for Students of all Levels and Abilities

Bloom Yoga provides quality and affordable yoga and barre conditioning classes to students of all levels and abilities. Bloom Yoga’s classes focus on posture, breathing or pranayama, meditation and mindfulness, and seek to connect in-class experiences to students’ everyday lives.

Overall, Bloom Yoga seeks to build a community of likeminded people seeking to cultivate the best parts of themselves.

Bloom Yoga offers group classes as well as private and semi-private classes.

If you have been looking for a studio where you can arrive, feel comfortable and begin your own journey of practicing yoga…

Bloom Yoga is the right place for you.

Yoga Traditions and Themes

Bloom Yoga offers a wide variety of yoga classes and we look forward to helping you to either begin or enhance your yoga practice.

All Level YogaAn all-level class incorporating creative sequences with emphasis on alignment and breath.  This class energizes your body, mind, and spirit and ignites your excitement for life.

Bloom Vinyasa FlowA class that is centered on one continuous stream of movement, where the transitions between postures are emphasized as much as the postures themselves.
Yoga BasicsA slower-paced class that serves as the foundation of further practice for both beginner and advanced students seeking to deepen their practice.  This class incorporates demonstration and detailed instruction of alignment.

BarreA challenging, empowering, and fun form of exercise that utilizes your own body weight and precise, small movements to sculpt and tone your body.  Exercises are drawn from ballet, Pilates, and yoga.  Props such as a ballet barre, free weights & exercise balls are used.
Relax and Unwind YogaA gentle class that blends restorative yoga poses, easy flowing sequences, and breath awareness. This class will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and revitalized.

Barre FusionBlends traditional barre’s emphasis on toning and sculpting with the muscle lengthening and flexibility benefits of yoga.

Classes Outside of Normal Schedule

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Sunset Sadhana

A donation-based Kundalini inspired practice incorporating kriyas, breath work, and chanting.  Sadhana, when practiced daily, is said to build wisdom, commitment, and consistency.  Sunset Sadhana at Bloom Yoga is a thoughtful way to honor one week and prepare for the beginning of another.

Yin Yoga

A compliment to the more common active and heat generating forms of yoga that focus on lengthening and strengthening muscle tissue.  Yin yoga focuses on stretching the connective tissue around the joints.  Postures are held for several minutes or more, thereby requiring and teaching one to find equanimity in stillness and calmness in sensation.  Yin Yoga should not be confused with Restorative Yoga, as unlike a restorative practice, Yin Yoga actively challenges and stresses the connective tissues in the body.

Movement & Meditation

A class introducing the practice of meditation.  Includes 30 minutes of movement to help quiet the body, followed by 30 minutes of mindfulness meditation.

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